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Fireblade Publishers
Publishing Services Company


Fireblade Publishers’ FAQ

What is Fireblade Publishers?
A publishing services company that provides services relating to publishing a book, from editing and cover design to critique and marketing-related services and more.

What publishing services does Fireblade Publishers offer?
We offer a wide variety of publishing services. View a detailed list of our services here.

How should I format my manuscript when sending it to Fireblade for an edit, proofread or critique?
Please see our formatting guidelines.

Do I need a literary agent?
No. Fireblade Publishers is a service provider, so the only submission requirements are that you format your book neatly, send it to us in MS Word format and pay your deposit.

Can I submit my handwritten manuscript?
Fireblade only works with digital manuscripts, in MS Word format. If your manuscript is handwritten and you need someone to type it for you, please request a quotation for copy typing of the handwritten manuscript. A separate quotation will be provided for editing the typed manuscript once it is complete.

Does Fireblade Publishers work with authors across the globe?

Does Fireblade Publishers work with publishers and other publishing services companies?
Yes. While we enjoy dealing directly with authors, we offer our services to other companies too, even our competitors – we feel there’s enough work to go around and see no reason not to help other publishing services companies when they require it.

I represent a publishing services company. How do we know Fireblade Publishers won’t steal our clients?
All our freelancers sign a confidentiality agreement that includes a clause prohibiting ‘client theft’. Fireblade’s partners, too, adhere strictly to this rule. However, we are happy to sign a separate agreement with companies that request it.

I don’t have money to hire Fireblade for all my publishing needs. Can I hire you for just one or two parts of the job?
Yes. Authors or companies can hire us for any single part of the publishing process, such as an edit, proofread, critique, book cover design or even just to proofread or write your press release. You only pay for the services you hire us for, as with any other service provider.

How do I obtain a quote from or hire Fireblade Publishers and what do I need to include with my query?
Please click the relevant link to the service you require on our services page, read the instructions on that page, then send us an email. If the service you require is not listed, please email us to request it. We will either consider providing the service or attempt to source a third party service provider for you.

Do I have to finish my book before I submit it to Fireblade Publishers?
No, Fireblade will edit or proofread parts of any manuscript. However, please bear in mind that we can only edit and proofread extracts for language errors, typographical errors and some logic issues; we will not be able to provide input or critique an incomplete manuscript, so please don’t ask us what we thought of an extract.

Is someone from Fireblade Publishers able to meet with me so I can discuss various aspects of my book?
Due to workload, we’re often unable to offer face-to-face meetings. However, if you would like a face-to-face meeting, you may request it at a rate of R500 per hour, payable in advance upon receipt of invoice. We find Skype consultations are more popular with authors, at a rate of R300 per hour, payable in advance.

What languages does Fireblade Publishers work with?
We offer services in RSA, UK and USA English only.

I have written a children’s book, but I do not have an illustrator. Is it necessary to have the book illustrated before I submit my story to Fireblade Publishers?
No, it is not necessary to include illustrations until you reach the formatting stage.

How will Fireblade Publishers contact me?
We will contact you via email.

What are Fireblade Publishers’ free services?
Listing for your free books

What else does Fireblade Publishers offer for free?
DIY guides (more coming soon)
An extensive list of writers’ resources
Press Release Template
Help articles available from our right-hand navigation bar:
How to Write a Book Review
Famous Self-Published Authors

General Publishing & Submission FAQ

How can I get an ISBN for my book and is it free?
You can obtain a free ISBN without hiring a third party to obtain it for you. Please read our ISBN page for details.

Who can I consult if I have general inquiries about publishing in South Africa?
You can contact the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA) on (021) 425-2721 or at www.publishsa.co.za.

How long should my synopsis be?
A synopsis should generally not be longer than a page.

How long should my back cover blurb be?
About 200 to 300 words. It can be shorter, but it’s inadvisable to have a longer blurb.

How long should my manuscript be?
It should be as long as it takes to finish the story properly. Worry about classifying it as a short story, novella, novelette or novel, etc. only after you’ve completed it. The word count for each of these often depends on who you ask. Fireblade’s guidelines are:
Flash fiction – 500 to 1000 words
Short story – 1000 to 7, 500 words
Novelette – 7, 500 words to 17, 500 words
Novella – 17, 500 to 40, 000 words
Novel – over 40, 000 words


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