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Fireblade Publishers
Publishing Services Company

Book Reviews

Fireblade Publishers provides a book review service for books we have edited or proofread, as well as books we haven’t edited or proofread. Please note that if we haven’t edited or proofread your book, we’ll charge per page for reading time.

Fireblade does not guarantee a good review. We do, however, guarantee that you won’t get a bad review from us. What this means is that, should we feel your book deserves less than four stars, we’ll give you private feedback instead of the review, where we detail why we feel the book cannot be given a higher star rating. When you ask for a quote on a review, please keep in mind that you are agreeing to this. Only if you want us to share the lower rating will we do that. We are here to help you, not hinder you, but we will not lie to readers either.

Since the purpose of a review is to help potential readers to decide whether or not they would enjoy that particular book, we’d rather build a reputation where readers know that, if Fireblade reviewed a book, it deserves the high rating it got. This will benefit all ‘our authors’ in the long run.

All Fireblade’s reviewers work according to this article. To avoid disappointment, please read it carefully before asking for a review from us.

For a free quote, please email Vanessa at editor @ firebladepublishers.com (remove spaces), and please advise your manuscript’s total page count if we do not already have it for editing and/or proofreading purposes.


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