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Fireblade Publishers
Publishing Services Company

DIY Guides for Independent Authors

Fireblade Publishers is dedicated to helping independent authors to improve their work in all areas. As such, we are in the process of compiling some handy DIY guides that will guide independent authors in the creation and publishing process and show them how to create top-quality professional products that will catch readers’ attention. Our guides will cover all areas of the writing, compilation, publishing, marketing and distribution processes, with the main aims being to improve the overall quality of indie books and to make the process free or affordable for all indies.

Just some of the topics our guides will cover include:

- Creating eye-catching, professional book covers
- Editing & self-editing
- Critique: giving and receiving; dos and don’ts
- Publishing checklist
- Dos and don’ts for indie authors
- Book marketing: interviews; free advertising & listings
- Ebook booksellers/distributors
- POD booksellers/distributors
- Choosing a genre for your book
- Protecting your copyright
- Writing games & exercises
- How to write superb & tasteful erotica
- Book reviews: earning a good review; approaching reviewers; reviewer list
- Social networking: dos and don’ts; building your network
- Writing competitions: dos & don’ts; rights; yearly competitions
- Extracts/free samples: choosing the right extract; length
- Communication with industry professionals and peers
- Back cover blurbs

Click the image/s below to download the guide/s you're interested in:

Secrets to a Great Author BiographyDos and Don'ts for Indie Authors



If you are an independent author and would like to learn about a topic that isn’t listed above, please email your suggestions to editor @ firebladepublishers.com (remove spaces). If we like your topic idea and feel it would benefit other authors too, we will write the manual and give you credit for requesting the topic (including a link to your website or book purchase page).


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